Collazo Girls Creations LLC

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                                                                    OFF SITE   RENTALS

From large weddings and corporate events to birthdays and casual celebrations, find all your event and party rental needs at Collazo Girls Creations, LLC.



                                                                           Rental List but not limited too


                                                  Arches                                                                                         $15-$45                

                                             Coffee Urns                                                                                 $12

                                             Hot and Cold Drink Containers                                                   $10

                                             Candy dishes– various sizes and shapes                                   $5-20
                                             Banquet Chair Covers (white or ivory) *                                      $1.25
                                             Folding Chair Covers (white or ivory) *                                        $1.00
                                             Stretch Chair Covers (white or ivory) *                                        $1.30
                                             Chair Sashes                                                                               $.85
                                             Chocolate Fountain                                                                      $12
                                             Chaffing Tray                                                                                $15
                                             Wine Glasses                                                                               $.80

                                             Round Tablecloths (white or ivory) *                                             $4.50

                                             Rectangle Tablecloths (white or ivory) *                                       $5.75

                                             Overlays                                                                                       $2.25

                                             Runners                                                                                        $1.10


                     *Please note for special linen colors there is an additional tablecloths and Chair covers. *

                                                                  Prices are subject to change without notice


                               We work with various rental establishments for tents, flooring and other equipment.